Development Gameplay Preview

Coming soon

2019. Maybe 2020. When it's done.

Built for Steam

This game was built for PC, not ported from some fruit! Available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Runs great in Big Picture!

Full Controller Support

Will work with most controllers, steering wheel, flight simulator gear, and even with a guitar!

Split Screen Multiplayer

Play co-op or against friends with up to 4 local players. If you have that many friends. I don't. Why am I writing this?

What People Say

Totally legitimate feedback from highly respectable sources!

Take my money you fool this is awesome

-- Mad-Mikey

Death rally 2.0?

-- legal90

I will play this atleast 600 times a day at work. Bless you.

-- joeshillabeer

Group B - the game

-- LukeTheFisher

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